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Battle ghosts and close portals. Collect orbs to keep your weapons in peak condition.

  • How To Play
    • Don't turn up your speakers, there's no sound :\
    • Controls
      • W,A,S,D - Move
      • LMB/Left Alt - Fire Spectral Stabilization Beam
      • RMB/Left Shift - Throw Aetherial Banishment Bomb
      • Space - Swing Blade of the NetherGrouch
    • Fight ghosts with your weapons
      • Your screen will become purple as the ghosts rend your soul
    • Collect small orbs to charge up your weapons
      • The orb color indicates its corresponding weapon
        • blue -> beam
        • yellow -> bombs
        • red -> sword
    • The more ammo a weapon has, the stronger its effect!
      • Beam
        • LvL 1 - Deals damage
        • LvL 2 - Damages and slows
        • LvL 3 - Damages, slows, and deals periodic crit damage
      • Bombs
        • LvL 1 - Deals AoE damage
        • LvL 2 - AoE damage and DoT
        • LvL 3 - AoE,DoT, and spawns cluster bomblets
      • Sword
        • LvL 1 - Deals damage
        • LvL 2 - Damages and spawns rogue soul, damaging enemies in a line
        • LvL 3 - Damages, and rogue soul becomes Doomerang. Rogue soul returns to the player, damaging enemies in its path.
    • Destroy portal beacons before they can open
      • Portal beacons are the big spheres with beams reaching up to the sky
      • look to the sky for portals, their beacons are directly below them
      • Beacons must be hit with a specific weapon
        • blue -> beam
        • yellow -> bombs
        • red -> sword
      • Beacons must be hit with a minimum weapon power
        • The number of beams emitting from a beacon indicates the minimum level weapon it must be hit with.
      • If a beacon's beams reach the portal, the portal is opened and the world is undone. The game is also over.
Published Nov 15, 2014